Claude Bouyer. Associated Director at Cuestiones Clave, management consultant, professional manager.
«What defines me is my passion for human development, a permanent curiosity about the universe… and a smile before life »
Claude Bouyer. Associated Director at Cuestiones Clave, management consultant, professional manager.

2012/13: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) – CRR Global (Center for Right Relationship), Amsterdam-Paris.
Transactional analysis, Process Com, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching for difficult personalities.
2010: coaching for teams – Académie du Coaching, Paris.
2006: coach certificate – Académie du Coaching, Paris.
Assistant at several ORSC training sessions.
Cuestiones Clave spends 20 to 25 days a year in training and guidance.
Languages: French, Spanish and English.
Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Member of the Association des coachs certifiés de l’académie du coaching (Aqueduc).

Present Supervisor: Odile Dollé. ( visit )
Past Supervisors: Suzanne Peters, ( visit ) François Souweine. ( visit )
Académie du Coaching. ( visit )
François Delivré.
Noëlle Philippe.
François Souweine.
F.O.R.S.C. Facilitateur des Organisations, Relations, Systèmes et Changements ( visit ) Paris-Amsterdam.
Center for Right Relationship Global. ( visit )
Patrice Birot, París.
Faith Fuller, San Francisco.
Nina Simonds, Seattle.
Adrian Panucci, London.
Gülsün Zeytinoglu. Istanbul.
Cynthia Loy Darst. Los Ángeles.
David Darst. Los Ángeles.
Anne-Marie Goncalves-Desai, Brussels.
Anne Rød, Oslo.
Daphne Taylor, London.

Team Global Network ( visit )
H3O ( visit )

Since 2005: coaching for managers, coaching for teams and for organizations. Management trainer.
2001-2012: management of complex Franco-Spanish bilateral projects about economic matters at stake (€40 to €120 million).
1994-2000: associate director, team leader in research and development projects. Change management in commercial cooperation and implementing in Spain.
Concurrently, Agro-Food journalist, correspondent in Spain.
1991-1993: marketing and commercial chief in Spain.
1981-1990: head of Agro-Food studies in 7 European countries, head of mission in the Centre Français du Commerce Extérieur at the French Embassy in London and Madrid.

Mc Cain.
Eurocopter France.
Eurocopter Spain.
BNP Paribas.
Penox Group.
Groupe E. Ramos.
Sogesol Groupe Bakkavör.
Pochet du Courval.