Added value – Benefits:
Promote evolution of managers from expertness to a managing-leading role.
Ease integration of new managers.
Develop positions of managers to reinforce leadership.
Optimize interpersonal relationships to improve communication and negotiation skills.

Added value – Benefits:
Acquire perspective with a third external person to evaluate the company’s organization.
Assist during reflections about final motivations and aspirations in a confidential and professional context.
Improve decision-making processes.
Develop the ability to manage multicultural teams.
Improve public speaking skills.

Added value – Benefits:
Make family relationships evolve for the sake of a better business.
Cultivate a positive atmosphere by appreciating what has been already created.
Open new communication ways and reduce irritating or hurtful behaviours.
Clarify the roles and responsibilities of family members.
Prepare the next generation for activity and business-owning transferring.

Added value – Benefits:
Develop the dialogue between teams in order to enjoy a better ambiance and more productivity.
Assist in terms of change management by reinforcing motivation and by sharing everybody’s views and feelings.
Ease the integration of new people in charge.
Reinforce team spirit by sharing failure and identifying key issues to succeed.

Added value – Benefits:
Assist directors in their reflections about strategies and evolution of their organization.
Ease a faster establishment of a matrix organization.